Full Service Dog Grooming-



We require proof of rabies vaccinations, please be prepared to provide your vet information so that we can call ahead of time and verify rabies vaccination in order to schedule your full service grooming appointment.  

We understand it can be hard finding the right dog grooming shop.  We offer  a "start to finish "grooming service.  We schedule one dog at a time for the groomer. However, on a daily basis we do take in multiple dogs at one time, so if you are wanting a faster grooming service, please let us know ahead of time so we can schedule you appropriately. If you have a senior dog or don't want your dog spending 4 or more hours at the grooming shop we are the dog grooming shop for you! We have found that this helps reduce some of the anxiety that the grooming experience may cause some dogs. We do take more than one dog when they are from the same household.   We do not have special staff to watch dogs in a free play environment like day care and boarding businesses do. Dogs are put into a kennel after they are finished where they remain fresh, clean and safe waiting for their parents to pick them up. We are the dog grooming shop for you if you would like your dog groomed and back home with you in 2* hours. *some dogs may take less time to groom or may take a little more time based on coat and temperament.

It is important to us and to your dog that you are able to be on time for your appointment and pick up promptly.  Please bring them in their collar with a leash and leave harnesses at home. Be sure to take them potty on our grassy spots in the parking lot before you drop them off, so they are comfortable and can relax. If you are late for your appointment, we may not have enough time to groom your dog before the next appointment shows up for their appointment.

Boarding and Late pick up fees:

Please be mindful and respect that we are not a dog boarding business nor do we offer pet sitting, in other words we simply do not offer that type of service.  We offer grooming only, and when we are finished we expect pet parents to pick up their fur-babies within 30 minutes of being called. Due to our groomer's schedule, we are unable to take your dog out to go potty if you leave them longer than 30 minutes.  Dogs that are picked up late or after we close will be charged for boarding/pet sitting fee.