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About Our Grooming Salon and Self-Serve Wash

Our self-serve dog wash is all about helping you wash your dog in the easiest and painless way possible. 

It really is all about the right tub! Starting with professional dog grooming waist high tubs that are designed for washing your dog. Our equipment places us high above any competition. It has been the "go to" tub for professional vet hospitals and professional groomers alike. Why? It makes washing your dog as easy and proficient as possible. No more back aches and messy bathroom cleanups, We here at Bark Bath want washing your dog to be a fun and hassle free experience for all pets and pet parents, and don't worry about cleaning up after, that is what we are here for! Once you have tried us, you will understand why lots of dogs lovers come here to wash their dogs.

We offer high quality affordable full service dog grooming as well. Upon request, We offer grooms from "Start To Finish" which makes it less stressful for your dog. If you like getting your fur-baby back in around 2 hours we are the dog grooming shop for you! We have the best prices in Orange County!

​Our mission is to better the lives of pets and their people through proper education, superior customer service, all natural products, and green business practices. Bark Bath Self Serve Dog Wash & Grooming offers choices to fit every lifestyle and budget for the health and happiness of your dog. 

Michael Vo


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