Self Service

Self Serve allows you to wash your own pet in one of our professional raised grooming tubs. We will provide shampoo, conditioner, tear-free face wash, grooming brushes, drying brushes, towels, blow dryers, ear wipes and cleaner, teeth wipes, cotton balls, gloves, pet cologne/perfume, aprons, and treats.

Walk in (No appointment)


Rabies record NOT required.Last call for self serve is an hour before closing.

For Extra Small to Large dogs the price is $14

For Extra Large dogs the price is $20

(949) 514-3264

2263 Fairview Rd. Suite E. Costa Mesa, CA. 92627

From tubs, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, towels, blow  dryers, drying brushes, grooming brushes, leads, de-shedding rakes, teeth cleaner, ear cleaner, cologne/perfume, and treats

Our Story

Bark Bath was established in 2014.

We were the first Self Serve Dog Wash in Costa Mesa! And we continue to have the cheapest prices in OC. We are also a "start to finish" grooming shop for stress free grooming.

Very Important

We require proof of up to date rabies vaccinations for all of your pets that are handled by our groomers. No exceptions. It is your responsibility to bring in an updated version if they expire. We need a proof of vaccination for EVERY pet you have us groom. 

Self Serve Facts

Self serve is by walk in only. We do not require rabies records for self serve as our groomers wont be handling your dog. Last call for self serve is an hour before closing (Note we are closed Tuesdays and close an hour early on Wednesdays)